Fees for Services

Shelter For The Spirit is a private practice LLC company. Rev. Gevurtz offers services for a fee to individuals, families and groups, without obligation for an ongoing commitment. Since we still live in a capitalist society, she does have expenses she needs to recoup. There is no church or synagogue, but there are still offices and equipment, materials, time and effort that go into the ministry Shelter For The Spirit provides.

Below is the fee for service menu. It is based on research into what other clergy, officiants and practitioners charge. That said, Rev. Gevurtz is committed to supporting those who the dominant society has left behind, and is willing to explore other arrangements for those who do not make a “living wage” as defined in the current economy. It is hoped that those who “have” give at the full rate so that those who “have not” can be served.

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Customized Payments Pay now

  • Spiritual Direction
    • Individual Sessions (in person and via zoom): $80
    • Group Sessions: $25/person
    • Retreats to be determined based on venue, theme and number of participants
  • Guest Preaching, Speaking Engagements & Workshops
    • Negotiated based on needs and interests of host organization/congregation
      • Consideration will be given to the size and financial situation of the community. 
      • Guest sermons & speaking engagements $180 or your usual honorarium
      • Workshops for groups up to 8 are the same as group spiritual direction ($25/per person per hour). Groups that are larger, expect to pay approx. $180/hour
    • Examples of Workshops can be customized, tailored &/or combined from 2 hours up to weekend long Shabbatons/Retreats
  • Lifecycle Rituals
    • Baby Namings: $180
    • Weddings
      • Simple Elopements: $180
      • Basic Wedding: $250 includes:
        • 1 planning session & 1 pre-marriage counseling session
        • Short off-site rehearsal
        • Standardized Ceremony
      • Custom Weddings: starting at $500
        • 2 planning and 2 pre-marriage counseling sessions included (additional pre-marital sessions at spiritual direction rates)
        • Customized rituals
        • Coordination with your wedding planner
        • Onsite rehearsal
        • Custom Ceremony
      • NOTE: in all cases, travel costs outside the Portland/Vancouver metro area will also be included in final bill, as well as the materials cost for any ritual or program items.
    • Coming of Age, Healing Rituals and other Milestones: starting at $180
      • Because these are unique to each family’s situation and vision, costs can include teaching time, spiritual direction sessions, ritual design, as well as creation of a meaningful ceremony. A preliminary meeting will outline the needs of the situation and establish a mutually agreed upon fee.
    • Funerals
      • Basic Funeral: $250 includes:
        • Planning meeting with the family
        • Coordination with Funeral Director
        • Chapel or Graveside service
      • Custom Funeral: Starting at $360
        • Should the family want the officiant to lead additional services such as shiva minyan, or both graveside & chapel, there will be additional planning required.
        • Should the family want group grief counseling to start the mourning process, or to create a later memorial or unveiling ceremony, these will be negotiated based on the family’s situation and vision.
  • Reiki
    • Reiki session in person: $100 for 1 hour
    • Reiki distance sessions: $50 for 30 minutes
  • End of Life Support
    • When death is expected, EOL doula/chaplain support can be contracted at either a flat rate or hourly rate, and include all other Shelter For The Spirit services (at no additional cost), as well as:
      • Individual and family sessions for meaning making
      • Legacy Projects &/or Ethical Will Writing
      • Ritual Creation for the periods before, during, and after active dying
      • Funeral Officiation
      • One post-funeral family session at 1 week, and one at 1 month.