Spiritual Direction

Rev. Gevurtz can meet with you online, via a Zoom conference call. Due to the current surge in COVID we are not meeting in person but look forward to welcoming in person when health protocols permit.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is more accurately described as spiritual companionship. As one of my teachers puts in, “Spiritual Direction looks a bit like couple’s therapy”; but the couple is you and your sense of that which is Divine to you. Whether you follow a particular faith tradition, are spiritual but not religious, or are estranged from the god of your youth because of religious wounding, you have a spiritual or moral compass that guides you. Sometimes the relationship between self and Self gets off track and we need assistance in meaning making.

In Spiritual Direction, Rev. Gevurtz serves as a companion on the journey of your spirit, as you discern the answers only your spirit can know. This can and will take different forms; individual sessions, group facilitation, arts for awakening workshops and retreats.

  • If you have experienced religious wounding
  • If an event has you considering your path
  • If you are coming to the end of your days and want to make meaning of your journey
  • If you yearn for a connection to your own spirit and its connection to All that Is

Spiritual Direction can help your spirit thrive.

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