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Upcoming programs:

Shelter events are interspiritual, with a grounding in Jewish tradition. We particularly welcome those who have felt outside traditional religious settings, whether that is as a member of an interfaith family, LGBTQ+ folk or Spiritual but not Religious.

Interspiritual Shabbat Service
Saturday, Oct 14th at 10:00 am (2nd Saturday of the month)

Shabbat services are grounded in the rhythms and traditions of the Jewish tradition, but will be deeply interspiritual, drawing on the wisdom of other traditions and the lived experiences of those who participate. Drenched in chanting and song, they invite us to celebrate our connections in Spirit and commitment to beloved community and mother earth.  Shabbat Service will be hybrid, with both local attendance and zoom access to those who cannot attend in person.


Dwelling in the Luminous Dark: Erev Rosh HaShanah
Saturday, Oct 14th at 7 pm (On the new moon)

This month’s new moon is also Erev Rosh HaShanah; the birthday of the world in Jewish tradition. Join us to celebrate mother earth, to reconnect with our natural rhythms, restore our resilience, and draw wisdom from the Divine Feminine. RSVP at the link below to receive the zoom link. This is a hybrid event. In person participation requires that you be fully vaccinated and masked. Email rivka@shelterforthespirit.com to RSVP for in person.


Shabbat Supper & Song: Erev Sukkot
Friday, Oct 27th @ 6:30 pm PST

This month’s Supper & Song will be on the last Friday instead of the 4th Friday, to celebrate the first night of Sukkot; a Jewish harvest festival which connects us with the fragility of the environment as well as the bounty of creation. Join us in the sukkah! We break bread together as we enter the mystical time of ensoulment with songs and chanting. In addition to our prepared songs, feel free to bring music and instruments which speak to your soul! This is an in-person only event.


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